The cost of an outage

Recently there was an article that discussed the measurable and unmeasurable costs of downtime. To quote from the article: Measurable Costs of Downtime Once you’ve understood the scope of the impact, you can quantify the actual dollar value of losses associated with downtime. In general, measurable downtime costs fall into the following areas: Direct and indirect [...]

Tech Talks

vBrownBag VMworld 2017 US John Arrasjid (VCDX-001) and Mark Gabryjelski (VCDX-023) will introduce the newest authors in their IT Architect Series. Designing Risk in IT Infrastructure by Daemon Behr, and The Journey by Melissa a Palmer share what you will find in these new books for existing and aspiring IT architects working with physical, virtual, [...]

Book release and signing at VMworld US 2017

The second book in the IT Architect Series - Designing Risk in IT Infrastructure, will be available at VMworld US 2017 in Las Vegas. However, the book is already available online through the website. In the coming weeks, it will also be available via Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kindle, Lulu Publishing and just about every [...]