Title: IT Architect – Designing Risk in IT Infrastructure

Softcover ISBN:9780999092903
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eBook ISBN:9780996647793
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What do we mean when we say designing risk? Why would we do that? Shouldn’t we reduce it? Eliminate it? The answer is: yes and no. Every event that occurs does not happen in isolation. An event is a combination of people, places, and things, and is associated with a time period. Each event affects other events, like a ripple in a pond. They are all interrelated and woven into an invisible fabric that is the current state of being. One cannot ignore this fact when designing an IT infrastructure or planning a long-term technological strategy, because infrastructures are not comprised of detached components operating in isolation. Risk is defined by a probability and an impact, which can be represented qualitatively or quantitatively.  Or in simple terms: something may happen and it might hurt a lot or a little. You can guess and gamble your way through it, or you can truly understand what your options are and start planning. This book will give you the ability to see beyond a fault or failure, and start understanding the relationships between risk response, resources, cost and acceptance. This is what designing risk means.

The decisions that are made when designing an infrastructure will affect the security, performance, availability, manageability and recoverability of an environment. These decisions need to be measured against all the possible outcomes they will create in order to choose the best outcome. But how can one determine the future? By understanding all the variables that are in play, both inside and outside of the organization, you can create a mosaic that explores all potential futures, each with a correlating mitigating risk plan. This book will provide the insight to build a resilient, dynamic, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that is able to withstand, and even thrive, in any scenario. In this book, we will cover a diversity of topics: CHAOS ENGINEERING, PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILING, RED TEAMING, RISK MANAGEMENT, BUILDING INDESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS, BLACK SWAN THEORY, PROBABILITY THEORY, MODELING RISK SCENARIOS, GUERRILLA IT, TECHNOLOGY REUSE, RISK ASSESSMENTS, SOCIAL ENGINEERING, DECISION THEORY, VISUAL RISK MODELING, THE RISK REGISTER, DEVOPS, TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE.