VMworld 2017 – Day Two – Live Blog


– Pat Gelsinger / Michael Dell on stage

– first topic on support

– then a discussion on AI


– Discussion on Dell/EMC and VMware relationship

– Commitment to open $VMW ecosystem


– Pivotal is now on stage to discuss evolution of Pivotal

– Talk about challenges with Kubernetes

– Pivotal Container Service office announced PKS

– PKS has latest version of kubernetes, pivotal components and NSX

VMware, Pivotal and Google Cloud Collaborate to Unveil New Kubernetes-based Container Service – Pivotal Container Service (PKS)



-Google now on stage

– containers running in Google for 10 years

– Sam Ramji Google Cloud VP

– tight integration with PKS and Google cloud services

– Use PKS to deploy/operate @kubernetesio + migrate to containers to run on-prem w/ VMwarevSphere & googlecloud http://pivotal.io/pks


– Ray O ‘Farrell VMware CTO is now on stage

– Demo of many VMware products

– technical difficulties. Screens go black

– fixed quickly

– Video of Elastic Sky Pizza

– play on the Phoenix project

– Reading between the lines here; run your new stuff on Google via PKS, run old stuff on AWS via VMWonAWS

– Chris Wolf VP & CTO, Global Field and Industry @VMware on stage

– App defense demo

– Instead of hunting for the bad, we alert and act on changes to a known good state

– Great usage of vRNI for migration analysis being shown

– The goal is to truly enable developers to leverage anything – new platforms & services – so they can meet time to market needs

– Time for a live demo of Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

– Just a few click to deploy #Kubernetes with #VMWPKS

VMware NSX cloud announced


– Wavefront announced

– VMware Workspace One Intelligence discussed


– Workspace One mobile flows demoed

– devops video shown


– VMware Pulse IoT Center announced



– Serverless computing, or functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) is an easier way to deploy microservices


– Keynote wrap-up