VMworld 2017 – Day One – Live blog

There are a number of anticipated announcements today. We should see some more details on:

  1. VMware Cloud on AWS
  2. VMware Cloud Services
  3. AppDefense and New Security Paradigms
  4. Data Center Modernization and SDDC

I will be live blogging the announcements as they come in.


Things are just getting started

Here is a blog discussing some of the announcements.



Rock cello and VR painting opening going on.


Pat Gelsinger on stage now. Rock star entrance.


Talking about science fiction. Aliens loader and Star Trek transporter.

Advances in science and medical field.

Questions what is the most profound technological change occurring.


Talking about self driving cars and the acceptance of new technologies.


– MP3 has now been around for 20 years.

– Nike allows you to design your own shoes

– 50% of IT is going into new experiences, 50% just keeps the lights on



Pat talks about any device, any cloud with integrated security.


– Talks about shift from centralization to decentralization

– Cloud has been a force of centralization

– IOT and edge moves back towards decentralization.

– Term of cloud to edge


– Talks about any app, any device

– talks about Workspace one

– talks about access and identity, consistent management, and consistent experience across all devices


Capital One sees itself as a tech co. Talking DevOps & agile.


Old footage of VMware sales early days



– talks about old-school computing and build your own

– Release of vCloud Foundation 2.2

– lots happening in the realm of private cloud


Amazon Exec Andy Jassen on stage to announce official release of VMware on AWS.


– Talks about cost effectiveness and use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS

Roadmap: currently initial availability in 1 zone (Oregon), adding east coast and international – all AZs in next year


VMware cloud services announced.

VMware Cloud Services



Customer on stage now – Medtronic


– Discussing about networking and NSX

– NSX will now stretch into public cloud

– connects containers

– NSX will be the secret sauce and will be foundational for the next 10 years

There are a number of NSX announcements as NSX grows it’s capabilities and features and raises the bar for SDN. Some of of the announcements at todays VMworld US conference in Las Vegas will be around a new version of NSX-T called NSX-T 2.0, VMware Cloud on AWS which provides a service that delivers a seamless extension for vSphere customers into AWS and NSX Secure Networking and the the ability for network virtualization and security for native AWS workloads.

For version 2.0 there are a number of announcements, the high level  such as:

  • Cloud-Native App Frameworks
    • VMs and Containers
    • CNI Plugin Integration for Kubernetes (K8s) /Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • NSX-T PaaS /CaaS Integration
      • NSX integration with Kubernetes
      • NSX Container Plugin (NCP) for integration with PaaS with NSX Manager
      • Native Container Networking:
        • IP address per container / POD
        • Container Network integration with DC network via routing and BGP
        • Micro-segmentation – inter project and intra project isolation
        • Network and Security Automation – created as part of app deployment
        • Multi-tenant network topologies
        • Multiple Containers (PODs for K8s) in a VM (Container Host)
        • Support for vSphere and KVM

For VMware cloud on AWS there is an extensive amount of announcements and features about the service but for NSX in particular it is about centralised management, comprehensive visibility and enterprise-class security

  • Discovery
    • Visibility into apps and resources they consume
    • Analyse usage and utilisation across clouds
    • Possible with AWS (Native), Azure (Compute) and Private Cloud (vSphere)
  • Cost Insight
    • Accounting and cost optimisation for multiple clouds
    • Track and analyse your costs and trends
    • Possible with AWS (Native), Azure (Compute) and Private Cloud (vSphere)
  • Network Insight
    • Operational visibility, control and compliance across clouds
    • Optimise performance, health and availability
    • Possible with AWS (Native) and Private Cloud (vSphere)
  • Secure Networking
    • Secure networks with micro-segmentation
    • Create private networks within or across clouds
    • Possible with AWS (Native)

For NSX Secure Networking

  • On-Prem Automation and Networking & Security
    • Multi-domain networking
    • Automation with OpenStack
    • Micro-segmentation
    • Consistent and scalable micro segmentation security – unified policy management across multiple public clouds
    • Precise control over cloud networking topologies, traffic flows, IP addressing and protocols
    • Standard network data works with existing Day 2 operations tools and processes




Sysco rolls out VMware NSX in a multi-cloud environment as well as implementing WorkspaceONE.


– Talk about new developments in security and the needs in the industry.

– Every major breach in the last 5 years could have been averted if simple security hygiene was adhered to.

Over 100Bn a year is being spent on Security, and this is just a small dartboard of options which continue to not keep us safe

– Pat said “we have failed you as an industry.”

– App defense announced

– enabling customers to improve the effectiveness of existing security controls by leveraging vSphere.


The solution uses a “least privilege” model to make sure users connected to enterprise applications only have as much access as they need — limiting the potential damage caused should an attacker compromise an account.

In addition, the solution is able to control application behavior, detect, and respond to attacks automatically which attempt to tamper with app behaviour.

“With AppDefense, VMware is moving the industry towards a new security model that’s intrinsic, intent-based and application-focused,” the company claims.

– analytics behavioral engine

– IBM announces partnership with IBM for providing context based analytics

VMWare says that AppDefense leverages “intent-based security” by allowing systems to monitor the “intended state” of applications in the virtual or cloud environment by embedding components into vSphere.

By understanding the intended state of applications, the security solution can monitor, detect, and respond to unauthorized changes in app behaviour. AppDefense is protected by the hypervisor, and works with vSphere and VMware NSX to automatically respond to threats including enterprise account hijacking, data theft, and destruction.

The firm says that the new solution will give security teams more visibility and traction to work with application developers to keep enterprise systems as secure as possible


-Red cross now on stage

– Red Cross on the VMworld stage talking about their response to Harvey.


Keynote wraps up