Rubrik Managed Service Provider Model

Earlier this year at the Toronto VMUG UserCon, I had the opportunity to speak with Demetrius Malbrough, Technical Marketing Engineer at Rubrik. We discussed the MSP capability of the Rubrik platform and how it can benefit partners and integrators. Rubrik has the ability to provide a multi-tenant model for MSPs so that tenants / clients, can be billed solely on their utilization.

They do not have the capital expense of buying a full backup infrastructure, but get the full benefits.

Rubrik uses a cloud-based framework for secure data and metadata isolation. This is designed to give the best of both worlds; security benefits of physical boundaries and economic advantages of a true cloud computing model.

It is made possible by virtualizing all resources so that tenants can share allocated resources in a secure, isolated fashion.

In this podcast, we talk about the multi-tenancy model and some of the benefits that can be leveraged by both clients and partners.

Here are some of the products and services that can be provided by partners by using Rubrik as the enabling technology in the backend:

For more information on the MSP model and multi-tenancy.

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