Advanced Architect Course with VMware Center for Advanced Learning

In the beginning of January 2018 VMware launched a 2 week pilot course for Architects that is meant to teach a set of methodologies of engagement called the IT Value Model and the Digital Workspace Journey. This methodologies are foundational for Architects to utilize as a means of deriving business outcomes from IT problems and business requirements. A path to those outcomes is defined and justified through this model so that technology, people and process can be associated to the strategy, thereby ensuring success. I am proud to be part of this pilot program and I will blog about the experience.

The course has the following goals:

1) Apply the IT Value Model & Digital Workspace Journey on customers engagements

2)Understand the industry standards as ITIL, TOGAF, and demonstrate advanced technical executive presentation skills

3) Utilize a standard approach to align with customer business needs

4) Interact with our Customers, lead the discovery, development and effectively communicate VMware solutions mapped to customer problems and desired outcomes

5) Apply the conceptual architectural design in customer environments

6)Design solutions in real time for customer engagements

7) Present solutions to learning communities

8)Apply industry frameworks to VMware delivery methodology

9) Identify the correct project management methodology for the engagement

The VMware Center for Advanced Learning has the following goals:

a) Set a baseline competency

b) Foster innovation

c) Develop Elite Service Professionals

VMware CAL also has the following three pillars:

1) Improved readiness

– reduce time to value for every new hire when they complete the program

– increase field team productivity by reducing “on-the-job” training and reliance on other field resources to maintain delivery readiness levels

– collect and document field IP as a part of the learning process

2) Place of innovation

– CAL provides a think tank of consultant experts that can collaborate and test innovative concepts

– provide engineer support for PS field staff

3) Advanced learning

– provide a learning environment where representatives from different PS field practices can come together to review simulated customer business requirements, design and implement integrated solutions for said requirements while utilizing a standard delivery framework.

– Provide a PS focussed program that combines theory and practical baseline competency for all roles in PS

– Provide and support promotion process

It is the 3rd pillar that is currently in a pilot program starting in 2018.