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Designing Risk in IT Infrastructure is the second book in the IT Architect series. This book is about learning how to embrace risk. It is about looking at your infrastructure as if it is a dynamic organism that is constantly expanding and contracting, growing and dying.

This book is about having multiple perspectives and being able to understand what happens if you have multiple critical failures.  We discuss how to protect against every conceivable failure and what the techniques and associated costs are.

Here, are the tools to analyze and introspect, reduce cost, increase reliability and justify each and every decision in a methodical manner.

-Daemon Behr


Daemon Behr is a Solutions Architect at Scalar Decisions. He has over 20 years of industry experience and is a virtualization and converged infrastructure subject matter expert. He has taught courses on infrastructure design and security at BCIT, UBC, and has presented at the Openstack Summit, VMWorld, and at various other events across Canada and the US.


Tech Talks

USENIX LISA16 (Dec 2016)

This talk is meant to expand the view of the Architect to take in considerations that are not always in plain sight. By looking at problems from the perspective of other business units, analyzing cause and effect with regression models, and using psychological techniques, the Architect can create solutions that are more robust, adaptable, and cost effective.

VMWorld 2016 (vBrownbag Talk)

This talk touches on using the concept of antifragility to increase availability and resilience in infrastructure design.

VMWorld 2016 (Tech Talk)

This tech talk has a panel of authors discussing the IT Architect Series. Seen here are John Arrasjid, Mark Gabryjelski, Daemon Behr and Brandon Hahn. The first 3 books are described in detail.

Toronto VMUG UserCon 2015

This presentation discusses how to think like an architect when approaching problems. It includes a live whiteboarding session for a theoretical infrastructure on a moonbase. Assumptions, risks, requirements and constraints are discussed.

vBrownbag VMworldUSA (2015)

John Arrasjid @vcdx001 Talks about the book IT Architect: Foundation in the Art of IT Infrastructure Design


Other books in the series

The first book in the IT Architect series helps aspiring & experienced IT infrastructure architects / administrators, and those pursuing infrastructure design certifications, establish a solid foundation in the art of infrastructure design.

The three authors hold multiple certifications, including VCDX, and they call upon their combined decades of experience in administration, design, and education in technology to help you plan, design, deploy, and test a full infrastructure design solution.

Starting with the methodology behind infrastructure design, they explore the design process through a case study that highlights a company that wants to support datacenter and desktop solutions using virtualization technologies. They provide examples of architecture design, installation, validation, & operations using VMware vSphere and VMware Horizon View and an analysis of the design choices along with alternative options. The book teaches how to develop the design documents and the presentation




Why it pays to allow failure to occur in your infrastructure – The AWS S3 failure

On the last day of Feb in 2017, there was a failure that occurred in the AWS platform. It was not an outage, per-se, but it’s effect was seen as such. The terminology was: AWS services and customer applications depending on S3 will continue to experience high error rates. S3 services in the US-east-1 region …